The Initiative Committee  for the Unification of Workers and Socialist Movements from Romania


The setting up of the Initiative Committee for the Unification of Workers and Socialist Movements from Romania respond to a necessity of political and social national interest expressed by the broadest categories of the left Romanian electorate  and consists of members of the leadership structures of the Labor Socialist Party and Romanian Workers Party , the representatives of the worker and socialist members of the Association for Friendship, Solidarity, Understanding and International Cooperation "Carpathians Genius".

The Initiatives Committee was created also as an opposition to traitor attitude manifested by the main leaders of Labor Socialist Party and Romanian Workers Party  Ioan Sasu and Ion Cristian Nicolae against the fundamental interests of political unity and social solidarity of  working class of all the people living from their honest work and which are below a decent minimum living standards.

The both leaders mentioned  refuse and stop from reasons related to personal and political grouping interests, the achieve ment of the socialist and workers unification defying, thus ,the major interests of those who they claim that are representing, in reality they profiting by their political and material advantages resulted from the confidence which was given to them.

The Initiatives Committee for the Unification of Workers and Socialist Movements from Romania has as aims of its activity following main objectives:

  1. the unification of workers and socialist parties from Romania into a political party capable of representing the interests of genuine left voters from Romania;
  2. the participation of the unified party of the Romanian left at the parliamentary elections on 2004 with the purpose of representing in Parliament  the interests of  Romanian left voters;
  3. the cooperation on the political, economic, social and cultural plan with the parties, the organizations and workers' and socialist movements from all over the World, with all democratic and progressive forces from the World which militate against war, economic and political embargoes,of any manifestation of force, terror and oppression in international relations and advocates for the right of every people at liberty, independence and sovereignty, at peace, progress and prosperity for all peoples of the World;
  4. the organization of joint activities with the Association of Friendship, Solidarity, Understanding and International Coopera tion "Carpathians Genius", in support of friendly peoples from the states which are subject to wars, embargoes and the aggressive actions of imperialism.

The signatories of this Statement are:
From Labor Socials Party:
Constantin Cretu - Vice President, Head of International Relations Department
IONEL Nicolescu - Secretary of the Committee of Revision
NICOLAE VARBANCIU - Vice President, Head of Department Unions and Mass Organizations 

From the Romanian Workers' Party:
Nicolae Popescu - Secretary of the Central Committee
RADU Padurariu - Member of Central Committee
ION CIMPOERU - Member of Central Committee
VASILE RACLARIU - Member of Central Committee 

On behalf of the Association for Friendship, Solidarity, Understanding and International Cooperation "Carpathians Genius

Constantin Cretu - President