A   P   P   E   A   L 
addressed to all the left militants from  Romania

Dear Friends,

The socialist currents within the Romanian left after 1989 are:

  • Social democrats (which no longer have something in common with socialism);
  • Revolutionary socialists(called communists and communists non PCR - which do not accept as members the former members of Romanian Communist Party);
  • Representative democratic socialists (a part of the members of the Socialist Alliance Party);
  • Participatory democratic socialists( the members of the Founding Committee of the Romanian Participatory Socialist Party  and all  those which are engaged in our common struggle for promoting into the practice the theses of the Romanian participatory socialism).

Based on this classification all the left militants from Romania and from all over the Worlds could be included in one of these groups. Such classification will enable a pooling of forces left on the basis of clear principles without which progress in this area will remain insignificant.

At the beginning of the XXI Century a left party without a clearly defined ideology, adapted to the current social and economic evolution of society, assimilated, supported and promoted by all its members ,followers and supporters, as proved the experience in the last 20 years, cannot  become an important party of the Romanian left and of the left-wing voters in Romania.

Therefore we propose to all left militants who took notice of material published on the website: www.pspr.forumul-socialist.ro and want to act as "Participatory Democratic Socialists" to communicate by the address:pspr@forumul-social.ro or rpsp@forumul-social.ro  
Name, Date and place of birth, Number of Identity Card or Bulletin, CNP( personal numeric code), Full address, Profession and Phone,
for becoming members of the Founding Committee of the Romanian Participatory Socialism Party and actives participants on the national interest action for unifying the left Romanian movement on the bases of the theses of "Romanian participatory socialism".

Constantin Creţu
President of Founding Committee 

Bucuresti: 19 th February 2010